Bill 84 - Call for Conscience Campaign

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Feb 24 2017

Briefly: A new Bill 84 has recently been introduced in the Ontario Provincial Parliament and it lacks conscience protection for healthcare workers in regards to euthanasia/assisted suicide.   The Call for Conscience Campaign (Feb 6-March 31, 2017) seeks to include conscience protection in provincial legislation which may have an impact on other regulatory policies, as well as have trickle down effects to other provinces that may adopt similar legislation.  This is perhaps one of the most critical moments where we can actually make a difference by our efforts since the Carter decision was handed down by the Supreme Court.  We need to unite and make as many people as possible aware of this campaign in order to succeed.  We also need to keep this prayer in our campaign; only God can move hearts and turn them towards truth and reason. The Call for Conscience Campaign asks MPP's to support the following: a) An amendment to Bill 84 that would provide robust conscience protection: health care workers should not be forced to refer for, perform or assist in MAID against their will and should not be discriminated against for taking this stand.  b) Creation of a Care Coordination Service consistent with the approach of Alberta, which protects both patients and health care workers. Letters (which can be edited) can be sent directly to MPP's using the tool at: http://www.canadiansforcon Please notify members of your fraternity/organization such as the CWL, Knights, Franciscans, choir members etc about this campaign to spread the word and ask for prayers as soon as possible.  Time is of the essence for this campaign as our MPP's will start to debate Bill 84 when they return to Queen's Park on Feb 21.  The bill has already passed first reading.