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July 2013 - ON-Line Newsletter - Special Edition - Convention

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Jul 22 2013

Greetings....now posted the special ON-Line Newsletter highlighting the 2013 Convention held in Thunder Bay.  Daily reports were not posted because the photos used soaked up a lot of mg's (whatever those are)....after a new learning experience which entailed compressing, cropping, re-sizing, and formating, I am happy to provide you with this newsletter....enjoy.....

June 2013 ON-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Jun 10 2013

Greetings:  The June 2013 ON-Line Newsletter is posted.  Thanks to the Thunder Bay Diocesan Council and Provincial Communications chair for their submissions.  Please note the newsletter will continue in the fall.  Watch for daily newsletters from the provincial convention in Thunder Bay, July 6 - 10, 2013,   Hope to see you in Thunder Bay.  To view click here:  http://cwl.on.ca/sites/default/files/newsletter/726.pdf

May 2013 ON-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
May 7 2013

The May ON-Line Newsletter is now posted. This month we feature Pembroke and Peterborough Diocese and Ontario Provincial Resolutions Standing Committee Chair, Anne Madden.    http://cwl.on.ca/sites/default/files/newsletter/720.pdf

April 2013 ON-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Apr 8 2013

Greetings:  The April 2013 ON-Line Newsletter is now posted on the website.  This month we feature St. Catharines Diocese and Legislation Standing Committee Chair.  Thanks to all from St. Catharines who contributed and Colleen Randall, Provincial Standing Committee Legislation Chairperson.              Click  http://cwl.on.ca/sites/default/files/newsletter/716.pdf   to view. 

March 2013 ON-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Mar 6 2013

Greetings:  The March ON-Line Newsletter is now posted.  Our thanks to Sault Ste Marie Diocese and Marlin Taylor, Ontario provincial standing committee chair for Education and Health who provided this month's news.  Click on:   http://cwl.on.ca/sites/default/files/newsletter/711.pdf 

February ON-Line 2013 Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Feb 14 2013

Happy Valentine's DayThe February ON-Line Newsletter is now posted.  To view click:  http://cwl.on.ca/sites/default/files/newsletter/698.pdf This month we are grateful to both the Ottawa Diocesan Council and Alexandria-Cornwall Diocesan Council for their submissions.  Our target posting date was missed this month due to over-coming a winter cold and a fuzzy brain.  Enjoy! 

January 2013 ON-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Jan 8 2013

Greetings All:  Happy New Year!The January ON-Line Newsletter is now posted.  This month we feature the Toronto Diocese and Ontario Provincial Standing Committee Chair for Community Life,Verna Lynn Bergeron, for their submissions. To view click on: http://cwl.on.ca/sites/default/files/newsletter/690.pdf

December 2012 ON-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Dec 8 2012

Greetings:  The December 2012 ON-Line Newsletter is now posted.  Our thanks to Hamilton Diocese and Ontario provincial standing committee chairperson, Mary Jane Yaeger for this month's articles.  Wishing you all the best of this Holy Season.  To read click here:http://cwl.on.ca/sites/default/files/newsletter/682.pdf

November 2012 ON-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Nov 4 2012

The November ON-Line Newsletter has been posted.   Click on:                              

October 2012 ON-Line Newsletter

The October ON-Line newsletter has been posted to the provincial website.This month we feature the London Diocese.  Be sure to read the article on the election process prepared by the Past Provincial President / Historian, Shari Guinta.

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