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June 2021 ON-Line newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Jun 1 2021

In this June ON-Line newsletter Ottawa Diocese and OPC Organization Chair is featured, Update on 2021 Ontario Provincial Annual Meeting of Members and much more.

May 2021 ON-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
May 1 2021

In this May ON-Line Newsletter, London Diocese and OPC Christian Family Life Chair is featured, it is a packed issue displaying how members have been inspired in ways to support and stay connected.

April 2021 On-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Apr 1 2021

In this April On-Line newsletter Peterborough Diocese and OPC Spiritual Development Chair is featured, you will read how members have found creative ways to stay connected.


There is a rainbow after a storm!

With the vaccines rolling out, it is good news that gave the world hope, as for sure most of us are looking forward to go back to the freedom we had, and very soon we will have summer at our door step.

We are at the cusp, the writing is on the wall, good days are in store for us.  After Good Friday we have Easter…

March 2021 On-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Mar 1 2021

This month’s newsletter features Kingston Diocese and OPC Treasurer.

With the government acquiring more vaccines, this news brings hope on the horizon, we know we are in a marathon and not a sprint.  Last year has had an impact on each of us, please remember to take time for your wellness to refresh and regain strength.

In each on the newsletters, we have seen members as heroes using creative ways to help their community.

February 2021 On-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Feb 1 2021

In this On-Line newsletter, Thunder Bay Diocese and OPC Resolution Chair is featured in.

January On-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Jan 1 2021

Happy New Year!

Having an attitude with gratitude, will definitely change one’s life.  Last year has made this impact in our lives.

As we look back over last year (2020),

We have to be thankful, count our blessings,

We have to be thankful for the coming year, 2021,

A time to reflect on the things that are important to us - family and friends.

The coming year is filled with opportunities;

Continue to write your own story.  May you be the hero in the story.

December 2020 On-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Dec 1 2020

This is a unique year, one that will go down in history more as a learning to appreciate what’s in our lap.

November 2020 On-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Nov 1 2020

The start of November month warms us of good feelings, as the month start with “All Saints day” on November 1st, followed by “All Souls” day on November 2nd.

October 2020 On-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Oct 1 2020


A new month, may it lead us to progress and property in good health and love. 

Let’s be thankful for this beautiful fall season, look at nature being painted in different colours.  Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

This October On-Line newsletter is featuring Timmins Diocese, OPC Legislation Chair news and much more.

It is a “Rosary month” let’s pray to Mother Mary for a miracle to eradicate covid-19.

September 2020 On-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Sep 1 2020

Welcome back! 

Hope you had the time to enjoy some good summer weather, time to assess each fork on the road with all the curves and bumps that has been thrown in our path. 

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