September 2020 On-Line Newsletter

Newsletter Issue Date: 
Sep 1 2020

Welcome back! 

Hope you had the time to enjoy some good summer weather, time to assess each fork on the road with all the curves and bumps that has been thrown in our path. 

With the covid still looming above our head, create your own bubble of safety, a net to keep you safe.  You alone know what is good and best for you.

This September On-Line newsletter is featuring Pembroke Diocese, OPC Life member Liaison’s news, and much more.

Our League turned 100th a proud moment for each member to be part of this great organization.  We are standing on the shoulders of strong CWL Leaders, and with the strategy plans coming our way let’s keep that vision growing in our hearts and be much more stronger.

Count your blessings, work in harmony and peace, see what is mirrored in your soul. 

With the dawn of September hope you live intentionally, be kind to yourself and extend compassion and kindness to others.

Happy Reading!