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September On Line Newslsetter

Education and Health - Directive # 2

Resolution -Directive # 1

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) will hold its annual Plenary Assembly 25-29 September 2017, at the Nav Canada Centre, Cornwall, Ontario, in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall. Salt + Light Television, the Canadian Catholic television network, will broadcast events live online and on television with selected repeats throughout the day (times indicated below are Eastern Daylight Saving Time)  For details go to


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Administrative Assistant - Directive # 1


Just Posted - Convention Reports - 2017

Spiritual Development - Directive # 1

Past-President/Historian - Directive # 1

Legislation - Directive # 1

Treasurer - Directive # 1

Organization - Directive # 1

Christian Family Life - Directive # 1

Community Life - Directive # 1

A couple of articles on Provincial Convention from the Prairie Messenger



Education and Health - Directive # 1

Report from National Convention in P.E.I. 2017


To see photos from National Convention go to the following link:

Communications Directive # 2



Town Hall will be open for another 30 days (Sept. 10th) to receive input from members and non-members. 

Go to:


Review Resolutions passed at National Convention in P.E.I.

ON.17.01 Full Implementation of the Supreme Court's Gladue Decision (1999)

On.17.02 Grant GST Zero-Rated Status to All Child Safety Products

ON.17.03 Inclusion of Registered Nurses in Provincial Bill 163.

Live News Feed from National Convention in P.E.I.

Members at home can still be a part of the presentations and speakers by viewing the live feed as follows:

 Aug. 7   9:45-10:45 a.m. ADT    A Catholic Identity Crisis         Ken Yasinski 

 Aug. 7   11:00-12:00 p.m. ADT   Becoming a Living Thank You Ken Yasinski

 Aug. 8   9:45-10:45 a.m. ADT    Canada’s Catholic        Dr. Reginald Bibby

 Aug. 8   11:00-11:45 a.m. ADT  Convention Town Hall *           Donna Dunn

 Aug. 9   9:00-10:15 a.m. ADT    Building on Foundation       Steering Comm.

 Aug. 9   10:30-11:15 a.m. ADT  Coady Intern. Institute     Dr. June Webber                  

* The convention town hall is an interactive session for members and is part of the strategic planning that the national executive has initiated in order to examine and plan for the future of the League.


Communication Directive # 1


Cardinal Lacroix's Address to Delegates at 70th Annual Ontario 

Provincial Convention on Monday, July 10, 


World Cafe Questions:  A simple, effective and flexible format for hosting large group dialogue

Convention 2017 - Photo Gallery

Convention 2017 - Wednesday, July 12

Convention 2017 - Tuesday, July 11

Convention 2017 - Monday, July 10

Convention 2017 - Sunday, July 9

Convention 2017 has begun.  Check out pre-convention events here!

Let your voice be heard!

Join in a CWL nationwide Townhall

Tuesday, August 8th

July 8 - 12, 2017 is CWL Week in Thunder Bay.

Click here to read the Proclamation by Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs.

Watch Around Town:  Thunder Bay - an interview with Provincial President Pauline Krupa  -



Wisdom enables your heart to experience God’s presence.  As you listen and speak to God, make room for him in your heart.

Understanding  enables you to grasp the meaning of the Gospel, the Word of God, and to live it daily.  Requiring great sensitivity towards another’s feelings and seeing the situation through another’s eyes, we see all things in the light of your love.

Counsel (Right Judgment) enables you to decide how to live as a Christian should, especially at crucial or difficult moments in your life.  Making good decisions, both intellectually and with the heart, we have to do the necessary background work, look at the alternatives, study the consequences as well as seek the advice of others.

Courage (Fortitude) enables you to make difficult decisions bravely, to overcome obstacles, and, if necessary, to change your direction in life.  No matter what obstacles emerge, we have to live up to the right and just decisions we have made.

Knowledge enables you to understand the meaning of your life with others in the world and to deal with questions about death, suffering and love.  Father, allow us to have a burning desire to seek out and be open to the truth as we willingly search for it.

Reverence (Piety) enables you to love god and your neighbour, your parents, your friends, and all people who come into your life.  Our relationship with God is awakened when we treat all creation with tenderness, care and respect.

Wonder and Awe (Fear of the Lord) enables you to recognize the divine presence in your life, to pray with all your heart, and to offer praise for God’s many wonderful gifts to us.  Grant us, Almighty Father, in your presence, to see the beauty of your creation, especially in every individual.


A History Supplement is being prepared for sale at this convention...cost is $10.00


There will be two 50/50 fundraisers.

There will be an opportunity to donate to the "Blue Sky Community Healing Centre".  (Income tax receipts provided for donations of $10.00 or more.)


Don't forget to:
1.  Wear red and/or white on Monday, July 10th
to honour Canada's 150th birthday
2.  Bring an earring Tuesday afternoon
(one that is left because the other is lost) to be used during the walk.
3.  Bring a small container of water from home.
(3 oz is allowed on plane)
To conclude the service of remembrance and honour on Tuesday afternoon, the collected water will be taken to the McIntrye Floodway in the East End to be presented to Lake Superior.
4.  Bring a hand drum Tuesday afternoon (if you have one)
Ontario Provincial Convention 2017
Come join your League Sisters ...
Celebrate 70 years of Faith Filled Service
July 8 - 12, 2017 in Thunder Bay

On October 25, 2016 Senator Jane Cordy spoke in the Senate in support of palliative hospice care. Senator Cordy spoke of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada’s letter to the federal minister of health. She stated that the request within Resolution 2016.04 “is a reasonable request by the CWL that would benefit all Canadians.” Her speech may be read at  (scroll down a bit).

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