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June 2021 ON-Line newsletter

In this June ON-Line newsletter Ottawa Diocese and OPC Organization Chair is featured, Update on 2021 Ontario Provincial Annual Meeting of Members and much more. Month of May was considered mental health awareness.  Taking care of ourselves should not be optional...

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May 2021 ON-Line Newsletter

In this May ON-Line Newsletter, London Diocese and OPC Christian Family Life Chair is featured, it is a packed issue displaying how members have been inspired in ways to support and stay connected. It is a common practice dedicating this month to Mother Mary, daily...

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April 2021 On-Line Newsletter

In this April On-Line newsletter Peterborough Diocese and OPC Spiritual Development Chair is featured, you will read how members have found creative ways to stay connected. There is a rainbow after a storm! With the vaccines rolling out, it is good news that gave the...

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March 2021 On-Line Newsletter

This month’s newsletter features Kingston Diocese and OPC Treasurer. With the government acquiring more vaccines, this news brings hope on the horizon, we know we are in a marathon and not a sprint.  Last year has had an impact on each of us, please remember to...

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