March 2021 On-Line Newsletter

Mar 1, 2021 | ON Line Newsletter

This month’s newsletter features Kingston Diocese and OPC Treasurer.

With the government acquiring more vaccines, this news brings hope on the horizon, we know we are in a marathon and not a sprint.  Last year has had an impact on each of us, please remember to take time for your wellness to refresh and regain strength.

In each on the newsletters, we have seen members as heroes using creative ways to help their community.

As you do your lenten journey with God, may it give you the opportunity to deepen your experience and the heights of God’s love.

19th March is the feast of St. Joseph – Father, Refuge and a great Role Model.  We can learn much from his courage and trust. A silent head of the Holy Family, who works, dreams, cares and protect his family from all adversities.   Perhaps the most iconic figure in Christianity, who is nonetheless intimately connected to our modern challenges and fits the bill as one might say when Pope declared the Year of St. Joseph so that “every member of the faithful, following his example, may strengthen their life of faith daily in the complete fulfillment of God’s will”.

Happy Reading.

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