Update on 2021 Ontario Provincial Annual Meeting of Members

Jun 10, 2021 | News

This is the time of year that we are all looking forward to attending our own
diocesan conventions and the Ontario provincial convention. We usually are
making travel plans with other delegates, checking on hotel reservations and
tour descriptions. Our bags are packed, and we are ready to go!

COVID changed that for another year BUT this year we are meeting virtually,
or partially virtual, on Monday July 12th. I have set aside Tuesday July 13th in
the morning just in case we run out of time.

To meet our legal requirements there must be three delegates in the room.
Due to current health restrictions, there will be three accredited delegates and
myself together, meeting all physical distancing requirements at a business in
Cornwall Ontario. The rest of the 104 members who have registered will be
virtual via Go ToMeeting. The voting system will be monitored by a moderator
who will tabulate registration and voting results as the day goes on.

The opening mass will be live streamed from Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica
in Ottawa on Sunday July 11th at 2:30pm. The link will be made available to
all on the OPC homepage.

For those who have not registered I ask that you keep the Ontario Provincial
Council in your prayers on July 12th. Your elected leadership has worked hard
through this difficult time to keep our members informed. We all hope that
you feel the sisterhood even though we cannot be together.
I pray that we will meet face to face next year in Ottawa. I miss all the hugs
and smiles and laughter.
God bless you all. Be safe!

Ontario Provincial President

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