September 2021 ON-Line newsletter

Sep 1, 2021 | ON Line Newsletter

Welcome back!

Even after over a year and a half, the pandemic is having very different effects across the global community.  Some are returning to pre-COVID activities, while infections are increasing in many regions globally, particularly with the escalating impact of virus variants.

We must continue to support the local community, check in how the elderly neighbours are doing, be quick to show empathy, kindness and above all count your blessings.

This September ON-Line newsletter is featuring Hearst Diocese, OPC Community Chair, and much more.

Congratulations to the new slate of executives at National.

As the month of September dawns, schools should be back in session, summer weather is left behind as the anticipation of autumn is near.

“Make your vote count” when you vote on Monday, September 20,, 2021 at the Federal Election.

Happy Reading!